May 18, 2022
Conductor Delta David Gier lauded for conducting leadership in The New Yorker (May 23,2022 issue)

Conductor Delta David Gier was lauded for his conducting leadership by Alex Ross in The New Yorker (May 23,2022 issue). The article entitled “How the South Dakota Symphony Became One of America’s Boldest Orchestra” reviews the world premiere of a new work by John Luther Adams “An Atlas of Deep Time” .

Stating that the composition’s premiere had the air of a major occasion, Mr. Ross’s review referenced the rugged expanse of the Black Hills and Willa Cather’s famous passage in “My Antonia” in which Cather wrote of the joy of being “dissolved into something complete and great”. For Mr. Ross, “the sounding immensity” of Maestro Gier’s performance of An Atlas of Deep Time “afforded the same uncanny pleasure”.

In his article, Mr. Ross also states that, in observing Maestro Gier’s leadership, he has experienced very few concerts at which a classical-music organization seemed so integral to its community. He concludes that the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra is bolder and savvier in its programming than all but a handful of American ensembles.

Conductor Delta David Gier is the recipient of the 2022 Ditson Conductor’s Award for the advancement of American music presented by Columbia University. Maestro Gier was cited as “…remarkable in his dedication to contemporary American music (who has) has shown an unstinting commitment to programming American orchestral works (and has) developed the program Bridging Cultures, which is devoted to promoting the music of indigenous and diverse communities. He is a model of the engaged conductor.”

The New Yorker article:

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